The mother or one wore a backless swimsuit, Daisy Dukes and a pair of playful mouse ears for jet skiing day in Italy with Jay Z. More photos after the cut...

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British Formula One racing driver, Lewis Hamilton, covers British GQ Magazine, October 2015. See more photos as you continue...

Don Jazzy's father, Collins Enebeli took to his Facebook page a few hours ago to share this old photo (right) of himself with his children, including Don Jazzy and D'Prince. Can you spot them in the photo? See the close up after the cut...

Davido last weekend visited his hometown - Ede, Osun State to attend the maiden convocation of Adeleke university which is owned by his family. He performed at the University's convocation dinner hosted by the Pro Chancellor - Dr Adedeji Adeleke and went ahead to inspect the ongoing Adeleke University (Permanent Site) worth many billions of naira (project nearing completion) See more photos after the cut...

A guy named Quadri and alleged to be a cultist, was killed in the very early hours of today and dumped in front of Yaba College of Technology. He had multiple stab wounds from most likely a broken bottle. His killers also opened his stomach. The photos are extremely gory. I'm trying to get more details about what happened from my source. I'm not sure if the guy was a student of the school. Will update later..for now see the photos after the cut *warning - very graphic*

Sometimes in a career you might sit back and think—wow—I get paid to do this! That is exactly how I felt sitting in the Cesar Chavez Auditorium at the Department of Labor (DOL) on a recent hot and muggy August day in Washington, D.C. Okay, I am not only joking but in the back of mind I was really thinking I would rather be sailing. That said, my reason for being at the DOL, to attend the public hearings on the conflict of interest proposed rule, turned out to be both interesting and informative.

As background, in April 2015 the DOL issued a re-proposed rule that gave a new definition of advice and who is a fiduciary for Employment Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) plans and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). The DOL proposed a similar rule back in 2010 but the uproar from financial industry caused the rule to be pulled back and rethought. These hearings provided the opportunity for interested parties to give their feedback on the rule and to answer questions from the DOL.

The hearings clearly illustrated the sharp divide between the financial industry and the DOL over the proposed rule, with major disconnects over the scope, impact, and cost of the proposal. The DOL referred to the proposal as “light touch” regulation, while representatives from the industry stated that it would effectively outlaw the brokerage model for IRA accounts and cost millions to implement.

The industry argument was advanced by several major industry groups as well as by executives from several financial institutions, who advocated for a coordinated regulatory approach that aligned the DOL, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) on a “best Interest” standard rather than the ERISA fiduciary standard that applies only to institutional retirement and IRA accounts.

Conversely, several consumer protection organizations and academics testified in favor of the regulations. Additionally, DOL panelists were openly skeptical of many of the industry’s arguments and stated that they believe the industry to be overplaying the impact of the rule in order to defeat it.

Based on the hearings and other research, here is where the rule now stands:

The industry consensus is that a final ruling is likely. This was reinforced when DOL Secretary Thomas Perez publically stated last week that the DOL is moving toward a final rule rather than a re-proposal and new comment period. The rule is expected by the first quarter 2016
Industry representatives frequently commented on the timeline and asked for significantly more time than the eight months proposed by the DOL. The feeling is that the DOL may give some relief on this issue, but is unlikely to give the full relief commenters requested
The DOL asked repeatedly about adopting FINRA’s definition of a “recommendation” and many attendees believe that this will happen. This will help clarify what is considered marketing, education, and guidance versus fiduciary advice
Changes are expected to the Best Interest Contract Exemption (BIC), such as when a contract needs to be in place and on the format and timing of disclosures, which should make compliance easier. Industry representatives testified that as it stands, the BIC is virtually unworkable. Whether the changes will make the BIC palatable to the industry remains to be seen
Insurance companies gave ample testimony regarding the impact on annuities and the challenges the rule posed for these firms. The DOL did not give a clear indication of how it would respond
Several other issues that generated comment included the role of call centers, valuation, and the impact on requests for proposals (RFPs). Clarification in several of these areas is likely
My overall take is that the advice regulation will have a very significant impact if it is finalized as expected. That impact is likely to extend far beyond regulatory compliance issues and delve into the overall customer experience, drive some deep technology discussions, and perhaps even cause firms to consider exiting certain lines of business.

Carl, who was invited by Sunday Oliseh to keep for the Super Eagles is pictured above with his wife and 2 children. Before joining Super Eagles, Carl was a goal keeper for Wolverhampton wanderers.

This is what the mother of one wore to the fashion show at New York Fashion Week yesterday...

Yesterday Serena Williams lost her bid for the first Grand Slam in tennis in 27 years and many are blaming her rumoured boyfriend Drake for it. According to MTO, a British tabloid said Drake is the one to blame for Serena losing at the U.S Open to a virtually unknown player named Roberta Vinci. And it has to do with sex, plenty of it. Lol


The mag claimed that Serena and Drake were having 'too much sex' and that Serena was 'weakened' from all the 'off the court' exercise that she was doing. A person close to the tennis star is quoted as saying "Serena was exhausted from all the nightly sex sessions with Drake that went on for hours, sapping all her energy". Yeah, right! Lol

Meanwhile someone close to Serena told Hollywood Life that Serena isn’t blaming Drake for her loss. “She doesn’t blame Drake but would have rather him not have shown up till the finals,”

Unfortunately, Serena can’t turn back time and tell Drake not to show up to her match.

The billionaire media mogul paid tribute to the 50s, 60s, & 70s era with three covers for the October issue of her magazine. For her 50s cover, Oprah served up a chic look channeling actress Audrey Hepburn (left) and for her 60s look, Oprah channeled popular 60s diva Catherine Deneuve's iconic look in 1967's Belle de Jour. (right). See the last one after the cut...

And this is her 70s look...

For weeks now, there have rumours that Rihanna is dating 23 year old rapper and record producer, Travis Scott. The two confirmed there was definitely something going on between them as they were pictured all loved up at her NYFW block party on Thursday. And they didn't seem to care that the cameras were around. See more photos after the cut...

TMZ later caught them making out at a corner in the party... 
And this is Travis Scott

Singer and reality star K Michelle pictured feeling up the booty of her fellow VH1 reality star Joseline Hernandez as they filmed season 2 of K Michelle's VH1 reality show "K.Michelle: My Life on a boat..

The relationship between the heir to Longleat estate, future Marquess of Bath, Ceawlin Thynn and his mother has deteriorated so badly that she was not invited to his wedding to Emma McQuiston, the daughter of Nigerian oil tycoon Ladi Jadesimi and British mother, Suzanna McQuisto, The Telegraph reports.

The marchioness, who has spent more time at the Longleat estate since the death of her long-term lover in France, is said to ignore her son’s wife whenever they cross paths in the grounds of the estate. Though the 29-year-old aspiring television chef and food blogger has known the Bath family since she was a child, when the couple announced their engagement, Thynn, 41, claims his mother asked: "Are you sure about what you’re doing to 400 years of bloodline?"

The viscount told the Sunday Times that his 71-year-old mother has no contact with their baby son, John, because, "I don’t want him contaminated by that sort of atmosphere and those sort of views" he said.

Despite trying to ignore his mother’s racist comments, he claims she repeatedly spoke out against his relationship with McQuinston, who is said to have been ’devastated’ after hearing her mother-in-law’s comments.

McQuiston told Tatler magazine back in 2013: "There has been some snobbishness, particularly among the much older generation. There’s class and then there’s the racial thing."

Emma, Viscountess Weymouth will become Britain's first black marchioness when her husband inherits the title from his father.

In a post on her blog titled 'There is always something to be thankful for', pastor Anita Oyakhilome, who filed for divorce from the founder of Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome, on April 9, 2014 on the grounds of “unreasonable behaviour” talks about abusive relationships and marriages.

She began with a quote from American actor, Michael J. Fox "One's dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered.". See what she wrote after the cut...

She wrote:
After an abusive relationship or marriage, there is no doubt you will have feelings of deep sorrow for a long time, which could go on for possibly months or even years. These feelings will come and go periodically as you reflect and you remember things from the past that would make you feel distressed.
You may be inundated with disappointments, which may lead you to voice your regrets, especially coming across certain people or a person. Several Instances could cause flashbacks and bring back thoughts of regret such as; signing a contract, making a decision, joining an organization, trusting people, buying a property. Also your mind would question why you hung unto a dead marriage or stayed in an abusive relationship. Don't stay in that condition for too long.
Regrets will only aggravate your feelings. Forget about the things you cannot change and focus on being thankful. Don’t put your life on hold, rather plan what you would like to accomplish in one week, one month, three months and in a year’s time.
See the silver lining in the cloud. You may struggle to find or observe that flicker of light emerging out of the darkness but give yourself time to recover from that shocking hopeless experience, then thank God for making you strong enough to walk away from the abuse.
The situation might be tough, with burdensome chains, but you will get better. You can rise up to the challenge and improve yourself. Something good will come out of your situation. You will become a stronger and more productive person when you learn from your experience and use your knowledge to improve yourself for new prospects ahead. "I want my life to bring comfort to others and I am on that journey now thankfully." Every ending is really a new beginning for beautiful opportunities ahead.